Heres what clients have to say ........

I can't really express how much it has helped me, but it really has.  I really had no idea what mindfulness was, or how it could help me before I embarked on the one to one mindfulness course with Wendy.  She is understanding and helpful and I learnt so much along the way with her support and guidance.  Its difficult to express how much it has helped me, but it has given me a completely different perspective on my life.  I deal with such a lot of things in a different way, such as the way I relate to people and situations, and also the way I take care of myself and my own wellbeing.  

H (details available on request)


Wow, just finished an 8 week mindfulness course with Wendy, its all come together and my experience and perception of life has been transformed.

I would recommend this course for anyone who needs to take a few steps back from their chaotic, busy, stressful lives, to learn how to calm the mind and experience life in a more authentic, calming way.

Wendy has been an inspiring, supportive and understanding tutor , aiding me to being able to see from black and white to colour once again.  Thank you so much Wendy for being just fab! x