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As a mindfulness coach I work on a one to one basis with clients.  I also work as an educator and so have a busy life.  That is the real challenge in mindfulness, how to live in this world but remain mindful.  I used to live in a remote part of North Wales which was a very easy place to be mindful but now live in the bustling city of Chester.  Mindfulness is a state of mind and a skill to learn, I hope you enjoy my blogs.

By mindfulcoach, Jun 30 2017 02:57PM

I recently spent a wonderful week on the sunny island of Crete, a much needed time for rest and relaxation. Although I am a mindfulness practitioner, I also work full time as well as undertaking a few projects here and there and so always have an eye out for the odd email that may need actioning. So whilst sat at the airport I duly attended to my phone and made sure I was on flight mode, turned off data roaming and also decided to turn off my notifications. It wasn't until I was away that I realised how still my life had returned to being, what a joy. Most of this I atttibuted to turning off my notifications on my phone, so when I returned home I decided not to turn on my notifications again. This is now a month ago and I am happy to say that nothing has gone wrong or dropped off since. So this is mindfulness in practice, mindfulness in practice is not sitting in meditation or retreating from the world (although this is often beneficial and necessary at times) but our real challenge is to find the small changes that allow us to be in the moment without filling the moment to the brim with stuff. We get caught up in habits and practices that keep us 'busy' keep us on 'top' of things,when actually they just keep us from 'being'. So for now, I check my emails when I am logged in to my pc, or at a few moments during the day, rather than being available 24/7 - I highly recommend it :-).

By guest, Oct 25 2015 10:54AM

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